corgi German shepherd mix

corgi German shepherd mix

Why the Corgi German Shepherd Mix Is the New Family Dog


Loyal, intelligent, great with children and cute enough for even the manliest man to stop and go “Awww,” the corgi German shepherd mix is one designer breed everyone is willing to shell out a little extra cash for. The Corman shepherd is a relatively new crossbreed that first popped up in the U.S. 10 to 20 years ago. Since then, it has gained notoriety for its adorable features, calm temperament, loyal nature and, of course, its ancestors’ intelligence. If you’re in the market for a new family dog, the corgi German is it. Here’s why.


The Personality of a Corgi Shepherd


Both the German shepherd and the Welsh corgi have excellent temperaments, which is why families, royalty and individuals everywhere desire both original breeds. Combined, the two breeds seem to make a super dog, at least in terms of personality. The corgi German shepherd mix has several desirable traits:


  • A Good Watchdog: Like the German shepherd, the Corman is highly alert and innately protective. If you’re looking for a canine to protect you and your loved ones, the corgi shepherd is a great option.
  • Very Intelligent:The German shepherd is the third most intelligent dog breed, while the Welsh corgi is the 11thsmartest. Combine the two, and you have a pooch that falls right in the middle, with the Doberman pinscher, the Labrador and the papillon. Out of 369 different dog breeds, that’s an impressive feat.
  • Extremely Loyal: The German shepherd is the fourth most loyal dog breed, which is why government agencies across the globe employ them. Germans are dogs that need a job to do, and when living with a family, that job is to love, please and protect. The Corman shepherd demonstrates the same level of loyalty as its German ancestors.
  • Playful: As if to counterbalance the German shepherd’s hard work ethic, the corgi part of the Corman is playful and rambunctious. It knows when to have fun and is ready to roll around with your children or run through the park on a relaxing weekend afternoon.


Though the corgi German shepherd mix has many desirable traits, it does demonstrate slight behavioral issues that, if not dealt with in puppyhood, could pose a problem. For instance, like the German shepherd, the corgi shepherd is extremely protective and territorial. If not properly socialized in puppyhood, and if not taught the difference between a friendly stranger and a bad one, its behavior could pose some liability issues for you.


Physical Characteristics of the German Corgi


Like all dog breeds, there is no standard look for the Corman. However, there are some traits that you can expect from the crossbreed:


  • Head Shape: The corgi shepherd has fox-like features and shows this in the appearance and shape of the head.
  • Skull: This crossbreed’s skull is relatively wide at the top and flat behind the ears.
  • Hindquarters: The hindquarters are lower than the forequarters, a feature that enables the breed to act quickly. The low-set hindquarters serve to propel the dog forward, which allowed the corgi to become the cattle dog it is renowned for being.
  • Forequarters: The corgi German shepherd mix boasts a wide chest that narrows to a deep brisket. These dogs, like their Welsh counterparts, are stocky but not so much so that their physical activity is hindered.


Outside of these basic characteristics, the Corman varies in appearance. Some mixes have the short hair of the Welsh corgi, while others boast the long locks of the German shepherd. The coat can be short to medium and dense, and come in black, white, brown, gold or a mixture. Size wise, the corgi German shepherd mix is a gamble. You may get a pup that you expect to be small and have it grow into an adult that stands roughly 15 inches tall and weighs in at 70 pounds. However, you may pick the biggest dog in the litter and watch it get no bigger than 12 inches tall and 30 pounds. Though the dog would not be considered large, it falls into the medium- to large-sized dog category.


Find the Corman That Is Right for You


If you are interested in adopting a corgi German mix, there are dozens of websites and pet stores that offer the crossbreed. However, before you buy just any puppy, you want to make sure that it is the right one for you. You can do this by visiting potential puppies and their breeders, asking about parentage and paperwork, and letting a potential new pet interact with your children, other pets and yourself. The last thing you want to do is take a puppy from his or her littermates only to discover that it is not the dog you wanted. Take care in choosing the right corgi German shepherd mix, and you will be rewarded. To learn more about buying, caring for and training this crossbreed, check out this complete guide.