Make One of These 7 Boxer Mix Breeds Part of Your Family

Make One of These 7 Boxer Mix Breeds Part of Your Family

When dog breeders pair two distinct purebred animals, the result is a crossbreed. These combinations often feature desirable social traits common to both canine families while also being healthier. A boxer mix might just be the perfect pet for your family.


Boxers originated in Germany but are now one of the most popular dogs in the United States. They descend from older lines of bulldog and bullenbeisser and share a common ancestry with mastiffs. Taken from a stock of hunting dogs, boxers instead performed guard duties for their masters.


These dogs are known for their loyalty, intelligence, and playfulness. Distrustful of outsiders, they make excellent protectors for your family, but they must be adequately socialized. Lacking stimulation, they become destructive when bored or stressed. Purebred boxers are also susceptible to cancers, heart problems, and hip dysplasia.


The following seven boxer mix breeds have many of the desirable physical and social traits, but crossbreeding tempers their drawbacks.


The Boxweiler


Like the boxer, the rottweiler breed also originated in Germany. Ranchers depended on their rottweilers to herd cattle and other livestock. A boxer mix of this variety produces a pet that is loyal, productive, and fierce. Pups grow to roughly the same size as purebred boxers but enjoy a slightly stockier build. They are less prone to joint problems in later life. The Boxweiler’s protective and herding instincts make it an excellent playmate for your older children. As large animals, they can be too clumsy around your little ones.


The Golden Boxer


A golden retriever is a hunting dog valued for its intelligence, mild temperament, and obedience. These beautiful dogs are popular as family pets, and this boxer mix breed has less of the suspicious tendencies boxers tend to display. Golden Boxers retain their superior intelligence and are easier to train. They protect your family but are typically friendlier to neighbors. They make excellent companions for children and love to please their human partners.


The Boxador


A Labrador and boxer mix breed is a popular hybrid for pet owners. These playful dogs are loyal and healthy. Their average lifespans range between 10 to 12 years, but it’s not unheard of forBoxadors to survive well beyond the typical expectancy. These dogs are athletic and require plenty of exercise, but their intelligence makes them easy to train. They are instinctive guardians but also sociable with other dogs and adults. A Boxador prefers to be in the company of the rest of the family but can become excited and unruly when overstimulated.


The German Boxer


A boxer mix breed with German shepherd parentage creates a fearsome and loyal guard dog. They bond with their owners and become devoted companions. This handsome crossbreed has a tall stature, with an average height between 23 and 27 inches. These powerful dogs are full of energy and highly intelligent. They demand room to run, jump, and play. If constrained or ignored, they become bored and develop behavioral problems. They are good with your older kids but might accidentally injure small children. Dedicate the time to establish this crossbreed’s social skills early in its life.


The Boxer Bull


Bulldogs and boxers share a common ancestor. The boxer breed descends directly from a line of bulldogs bred in Europe. When paired with either an American or English bulldog, these boxer mix breeds retain their muscular, stocky builds and their short-haired coat of fur. They are even-tempered and more sociable with strangers than purebred boxers, but they are still excellent guard dogs. They are highly intelligent but do tend to be headstrong. To train properly, your Boxer Bull requires a firm but loving hand.


The Bogle


Mixing a beagle with a boxer produces the Bogle designer dog breed. Beagles are a medium-sized dog slightly smaller than a boxer and used for hunting and tracking. Bogles are one of the most popular mix breeds, with the demand for puppies steadily growing. They are intelligent and relatively easy to train but do require socialization with other people and animals early in their development. Bogles have a more prolonged snout than their boxer parent. Curious and adventurous, they are good at sniffing out what’s hidden, but they also act as guard dogs barking at strangers. Given a proper introduction, Bogles welcome new friends and are quite sociable.


The Miniature Boxer


Breeders achieve this crossbreed by mixing a boxer with a Boston terrier. The blunt snout and facial wrinkles enhance this boxer mix breed’s charm, and its slightly smaller stature is more suitable for a home with limited space. As medium-sized dogs, they grow to between 15 and 22 inches in height, and they have boundless energy and enthusiasm. They are playful but also loyal and protective watchdogs. They are also healthy and have an above average life expectancy.


A boxer is a beautiful breed for those who are ready to accept their challenges. Mixing with another purely bred dog tempers extreme tendencies and improves the health of your pet. If interested in a boxer mix, work with a reputable breeder to ensure ethical practices and humane treatment of the animals.