Is a German Shepherd Doberman Mix the best fit for me?

Is a German Shepherd Doberman Mix the best fit for me?

A large crossbreed dog from a German Shepherd and Doberman parentage, the German Shepherd Doberman Mix, also known as the Doberman Shepherd, combines two powerful and hardworking dog breeds that are well known for their use in a wide variety of jobs, from security to police and military work.

What is a German Shepherd Doberman Mix?

This breed is a cross between the hardworking and loyal German Shepherd and the intelligent and highly trainable Doberman Pinscher. As a combination of these two large dogs, German Shepherd Doberman Mixes tend to vary in size between large or giant - categorised as dogs that are over 60 lb. These dogs tend to vary in weight between a slender 90 lb or a larger framed 100 lb. It shares the lifespan of its parentage, between 10-14 years.

As one of the largest designed dogs out there - explicitly bred as a mix for the characteristics and qualities of its parentage - the German Shepherd Doberman Mix combines the striking features of the Doberman with the softer shape and long hair of the German Shepherd. As with all cross-breeds, the puppies resulting from this breeding pair can vary, and there is no exact standard for this type of dog. Commonly, this breed of dog comes with a dark coat that is smooth and shiny, lending traits from both of its parents. This breed of dog comes with ears that may or may not stand up.

German Shepherd Doberman Mix Temperament

The offspring of two highly intelligent, working type dogs, there's no doubt that a German Shepherd Doberman Mix has a combination of the parent's traits. Due to this intelligence, and the confident nature of German Shepherd Doberman Mixes, it's essential that training of this breed starts very early on, as they can also be headstrong and stubborn. Due to the size of this dog and their history of working, it is also crucial to ensure that a German Shepherd Doberman Mix gets enough exercise every single day, as boredom can lead to destruction in the household.

Typically used for military and police exercises, both Dobermans and German Shepherds benefit from this formal, rigid training which gives them purpose. As such, a German Shepherd Doberman Mix will also enjoy this kind of work, and ensure that they are kept mentally and physically in check. Early socialisation is also a must for this breed, as their history of use for guarding both people and property can result in aggression or defence of their family from outside sources - from the postman to strangers in the park.

Due to this intelligence, German Shepherd Doberman Mixes are both eager to learn, but stubborn to do things that they don't want to do. Encouraging this dog to participate in work activities, such as pulling, herding or even military-type training, can be highly beneficial and provide the German Shepherd Doberman Mix with a purpose. German Shepherd Doberman Mixes do not suffer from separation anxiety as readily as other breeds, but do enjoy companionship and attention to a point. They are the ideal dogs for someone with a very active lifestyle and time to spare for training.

Is a German Shepherd Doberman Mix right for me?

For families with older children who enjoy being active, and would like the challenge of raising a highly intelligent and energetic dog, then a German Shepherd Doberman Mix might be the right breed for you. Unlike smaller or toy breeds, a lot of exercise and mental stimulation is required on a daily basis to ensure that a German Shepherd Doberman Mix is kept happy and healthy, and for young families, this may be too much of a commitment. This breed is ideal for a single person or couple household where there is time and space for learning and play on a daily basis. This is not a pet for small properties due to its size.

The grooming and health requirements of this breed are minimal, with some brushing and nail care required as with German Shepherds and Doberman Pinschers. The German Shepherd Doberman Mix is relatively low maintenance in this way, but they are not scared of getting dirty or spending a lot of time outside, which may result in more frequent bathing. This breed is not a lap dog, and though they enjoy attention and cuddles to a point, they will much prefer to be moving around and working.

Overall, the German Shepherd Doberman Mix is a highly intelligent, very loyal and attractive breed, with all the best qualities of a Doberman and German Shepherd combined. If you're looking for a large, energetic and smart dog who can keep up with you on hikes or for work outdoors, this dog might be the perfect choice. For younger families or those looking for a smaller commitment, consider a different breed of even German Shepherd crossed with a smaller dog.