10 Strongest Dog Breeds in the World

10 Strongest Dog Breeds in the World

Dog lovers around the world consider all canines to be glorious creatures, as they should. After all, any dog big or small can be a lovable companion who brings joy and happiness to a household. However, there’s no denying that some dog breeds are stronger than others, capable of holding their own when it comes to herding, hunting, weight-pulling and especially guarding their loved ones. Here are 10 of the mightiest dog breeds across the globe who go above and beyond average canine behavior to demonstrate their superior skills.


1. Siberian Huskies


When there’s a discussion about dogs displaying ample strength and skill, there’s no doubt that Siberian Huskies are going to make the list. Used as sled dogs in arctic regions for centuries, Siberian Huskies are known for lending their incredible muscular build to help pull their owner’s weight on a sled, as well as any supplies or equipment. Though they’re only considered medium in size, these canines are broad-shouldered and athletic, able to withstand harsh temperatures and rough terrain across long distances with ease.


2. DogoArgentinos


DogoArgentinos certainly make a name for themselves in terms of power and determination. Originally bred as hunting dogs, their lineage has carried on the tradition for years. They’re known for their spirited nature, and their tall, sinewy build gives them animposing look at first glance. However, they’re also extremely loyal to their owners, making them a well-balanced breed in both sociability and skill.


3. Alaskan Malamutes


Though they’re often compared to their fellow sled-runner the Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamutes stand ahead of the pack as one of the largest and strongest of the canine world. Their advantage comes from having not only a muscular frame but a sturdy back, capable of carrying large loads or pulling extensive weight. Interestingly, their personalities are said to be as strong as their physical nature, so a Malamute might come with an extra side of attitude every now and again.


4. St. Bernards


More often than not, St. Bernards are commonly found in family homes these days as big, approachable goofballs ala Beethoven. However, fun personalities aside, these majestic Swiss canines have a history of being great hunters, even going so far as to seek out lost tourists who have been stranded in rough terrain and pulling them to safety. Their tall, rugged stance can sometimes make people cautious around them, but their selfless loyalty and big hearts make them quickly loveable.


5. Kangals


Kangals are verified as one of the tallest breeds among canines. Essential companions for herding livestock and keeping strict guard over their territory, they’re also considered one of the most loyal breeds. Given their protective nature, Kangals have a propensity for fighting off large animals who are invading their space, demonstrating their tough personalities and their high pain tolerance. However,their loyalty and love for their owners are exceedingly strong to boot.


6. Rottweilers


While Rottweilers sometimes have a bad reputation due to their dominant personalities and tough attitudes, there’s nothing that experienced training and love from human companions can’t mend. Furthermore, their prowess is unmatched in many ways, proving time and again throughout history that they can pull wagons, transport supplies and herd cattle with the best of them.


7. Pitbulls


Similar in type (and in reputation) to Rottweilers, Pitbullsconsistently get negative attention from the bad actions of a small percentage of their kind. They are undeniably strong, designed to be perfect fighting dogs due to their intensely muscular build and intelligent skill set. However, their demeanor can be calm, sweet and approachable if they’re shown the love and support of a good owner.

8. English Bulldogs


Bulldogs may be small, but they’re not any less mighty! Despite having a short stature, these squat dogs are built exceedingly tough, with dense, muscular frames. Given that they were bred to be fighting dogs in the past, they’ve maintained their rough and tumble exterior even when they’re gently snoring on your sofa.


9. Carpathian Shepherds


Considered one of the earliest breeds to herd sheep and cattle, Carpathian Shepherds are bred and trained to not only protect their land but safeguard livestock against any outside predators such as bears, wolves and the like. Their brawny physicality makes them perfectly suitable for the task, as they’re equipped with muscular legs, tall frames and formidable jaws.


10. German Shepherds


Probably the most popular of strong dog breeds, German Shepherds are vastly capable in myriad areas. They’re built for immense strength and they’re highly intelligent, making them one of the leading security dogs in the species. Institutionssuch as law enforcement and the military have bred and trained them for decades to take advantage of their various talents and powerful physical nature.


While all canines have their own special qualities, these 10 dog breeds are significantly recognized as the strongest of the bunch. With their loving personalities and intelligence to match, these breeds make perfect pets to have in most households.