5 Things To Know Before Adopting a Corgi Yorkie Mix

5 Things To Know Before Adopting a Corgi Yorkie Mix

Adopting a dog is a life-changing decision that requires research and a keen understanding of what kind of breed will best fit the owner’s lifestyle. If a smaller dog that can adapt to apartment livingis the goal, the Corgi Yorkie mix, also known as theKorky, is a good option. These dogs are well behaved and make adorable companions. Here are some important facts to know about this unique cross breed.


1. History


Yorkshire Terriers are ancestors of the Waterside Terrier from Scotland. They were brought to England in 1861, and the name was finally changed to Yorkshire Terriernine years later after they became a popular breed in Yorkshire. Like many terriers, the Yorkshire Terrier was bred to hunt rats in small places like mines. Eventually, theybecame companions for outdoor hunting trips because they were capable of burrowing underground for foxes and other small game. Members of the breed today are smaller in size than the original breed and havea milder temperament. The modern Yorkshire Terrier and the Yorkie mix love to cuddle and can act as lapdogs when the mood strikes, but they still possess that spunky terrier spirit.


The Welsh Corgi is one of the most popular and common Corgi breeds today. They originate from Pembrokeshire, Wales. Unlike the Yorkshire Terrier, the Welsh Corgi was bred to herd sheep and cattle. Of the herding breeds, they are one of the smallest. They are best known for being the favorite dog breed of Queen Elizabeth II.


Both breeds have a long history of human companionship. The combination of the two produces the Corgi Yorkie mix, a highly intelligent and affectionate dog.


2. Temperament


The Yorkshire Terrier can also be very vocal dogs, which can be annoying to some people.Theycan also be aggressive towards strangers and other dogs at times. On the plus side, the aggression is usually due to the dog trying to protect its family. Yorkshire Terriers are good with children if the children are taught to be gentle. However, they can be known to snap if someone, even a child, is too rough with them. This breed does not get along with cats, due to their hunting instincts.


Corgis are very smart dogs and easy to train. In Stanley Coren’s book, The Intelligence of Dogs, Welsh Corgis are ranked at Number 11 among the most intelligent dog breeds. They have a lot of energy, but with the right amount of exercise, they can be trained to be eminently well-behaved and manageable dogs. Corgis are extremely affectionate as well and are great with children.


The Corgi Yorkie mix takes a lot of its social skills from the Corgi and is therefore great with other dogs as well as children. They are, however, very protective of their families like the Yorkshire Terrier, and are known to bark at strangers if they sense athreat. Like both Corgis and Yorshire Terriers, the Corgi Yorkie mix is am intelligent dog and takes well to training if the owner is consistent and firm.


3. Grooming


The Corgie Yorkie mix has thick fur and sheds a lot. They require brushing a few days a week to get rid of excess dead hair. Aside from the shedding, the grooming maintenance required is minimal. They need regular checkups just like all breeds and require nail trimming and teeth cleaning somewhat regularly.


4. Exercise


Just like the Yorkshire Terrier and the Corgi, the Korky is small enough that it can get plenty of exercise inside the house or apartment. However, a Corgi Yorkie mix does tend to have a lot of energy and benefits from regular walks outside. Because of their relatively small size, his breed is recommended for people who live in apartments because they do not require as much intense exercise as bigger breeds.


Korkies are low-maintenance but flourish when they get lots of attention from their owners. They can easily burn energy running around the house, but do best when their owners regularly exercise with them outside.


5. Health


Yorkshire Terriers and Corgis are generally very healthy dogs. The average life expectancy for a Corgi Yorkie mix is 11 years, but some may live as long as15 years. Overall, they are healthy dogs, but they can develop obesity if their diet is not monitored. Korkies love to eat and with such a tiny stature, gaining too much weight can be dangerous for them. A healthy diet for the average Korky should consist of about three scoops of healthy, dry food per day.


The Korkyis a beautiful breed that has an abundance of energy, affection and playfulness that is perfect for almost any household. The most important step before adoption is to commit to loving and caring for the new puppy for many years. Caring for a Corgi Yorkie mix, or for any breed, takes a lot of research and planning, butit is well worth the effort when choosing the newest, and possibly cutest, member of the family.