german shepherd corgi mix

german shepherd corgi mix

There Is No Love Like the Love of a German Shepherd Pit Bull


There is the German shepherd corgi mix, the Siberian shepherd, the rottweiler shepherd and even the Shepadoodle, and while each of these crossbreeds is good-looking, loyal, intelligent and good-natured, none of them compare to the German shepherd pit bull mix. The pitbull often gets a bad name and has long been associated with dog fighting rings and gangsters. This is an unfair portrayal of one of the world’s most loving and kindhearted dogs. This post will shine a light on the true nature of the long-feared pitbull, explore the positive attributes of the German shepherd and reveal why a combination of both makes one of the most loving dogs in existence.


The Temperament of a Pit Bull


The bully, as pit owners often refer to their pooches as, is anything but. With the right training, and when raised in an environment in which love and affection are rampant, the pit bull is affectionate, emotionally stable and submissive. The pitty may not be the most intelligent dog breed there is, but it is one of the most sensitive to the feelings of both people and other animals.


The pit bull is great with children and treats them as if they were its own. In addition to being great with kids, pits are kind and affectionate toward all people, even strangers. If you’re looking for a guard dog, the pit may not be it, but then, that’s where the German shepherd comes in. Where a regular pit fails to protect, the German shepherd pit bull mix excels.


The Temperament of a German Shepherd


The German shepherd has an outstanding temperament, which is why there are so many designer breeds that include this breed’s genes, such as the German shepherd corgi mix and the Shepadoodle. Before it was a companion dog, the German shepherd was the choice canine for police forces and armies everywhere. This is in large part due to the shepherd’s fierce loyalty,intelligence, outstanding senses, strong work ethic and brute strength. Though many people fear this type of dog because of its aggression, with the right training, the dog becomes less aggressive and more protective. If you want a pooch that will protect you and those you love, the German shepherd is the dog for you.


The German Shepherd Pit Bull Mix


While crossbreeds such as the German shepherd corgi mix and the Shepadoodle were developed to create a more sophisticated and intelligent dog, the German pit was designed to produce a more playful and fun-loving companion. This designer breed demonstrates all the positive attributes of both the American pit and the German shepherd and very few of the negative ones. Some traits to expect with your German Pit include the following:


  • Leadership: Thanks to its German shepherd ancestors, which were revered for their herding capabilities, the German pit is a dog with innate leadership abilities and a desire to dominate. While this can be a good thing, you need to keep an eye on your pooch and make sure that such capabilities don’t come out in the form of aggression.
  • Loyalty: Both the German shepherd and the pit bull are loyal almost to a fault. Both breeds will follow their owners to the ends of the earth, and the German shepherd pit bull mix is no different. This crossbreed will love you and your family fiercely. Though this is almost always a good thing, it can become an issue if you leave it alone for several hours at a time, or if a stranger comes knocking at the door. Start training early in puppyhood to nick potential problems in the bud.
  • Energetic: Unlike other German shepherd mixes, such as the German shepherd corgi mix, the German pit is an extremely active dog. As a result, it requires a significant amount of exercise and plenty of room to play. This is not an ideal dog for small apartments, city dwellers or people who cannot commit to at least one hour of exercise a day.
  • Intelligent: With the German shepherd’s intelligence and the pit bull’s sensitivity, this crossbreed is bound to understand basic commands from a very young age. Keep working with it, and your pooch may be able to perform advanced tricks by a year and demonstrate show-dog-like discipline within two.


Though the German pit possesses each of these attributes innately, it cannot be stressed enough that the crossbreed needs your help in recognizing them. Both breeds tend to be overly aggressive, a trait that could pose a liability issue for you. Help tame the aggression and provide your dog with proper training to create the loving, loyal, intelligent and playful companion you know your pooch can be.


There are dozens of crossbreeds that include the German shepherd, such as the German shepherd corgi mix, the Shepadoodle and the rottweiler shepherd, and while each comes with positive attributes, the German shepherd pit bull mix is by far one of the kindest. If loving and loyal is what you want, this crossbreed is the mix for you